Private Students

In private coaching and mentoring sessions, Jaki's focus is to support students in bringing forward their innate gifts and talents, strengthening their relationship with Nature and Spirit, and developing their craft to  a level that leads to both practical use and being in service to others. Each student therefore receives a customized training which addresses their unique needs. An initial meeting of one hour is suggested for those who are interested. Please contact us for more information.

Workshops and Classes

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Drum Journeys and Totem Animals

Mastering the Journey

The Spiritual Wisdom of Plant Medicine

  • Level I: An Introduction
  • A Reconnection
  • Level II
  • Level III

The Art of Aromatherapy:

  • Level I: A Personal Journey to the Heart of the Medicine
  • Level II: Practicing the Medicine

Charting Your Course: A Personal Journey Through the Medicine Wheel

Animal Communication

Shamanic Healing Methods

  • Part I: Extraction of Intrusive Energies
  • Part II: Soul Retrieval


Entering the Circle of the Weather Beings

The Five Element Medicine Path

Herbal Wisdom Through the Sacred Medicine Path


The Way of the Mountain

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